S’pore ranked 3rd in the world to relocate and build wealth

Switzerland is the country where you can build wealth that will last for generations.

According to a recent index released by Henley & Partners (an advisory firm for citizenship), the Alpine nation provides the best opportunities for families to relocate, and to gain the highest earnings as well as the best career prospects for them and their children.

Singapore was ranked third and the United States was ranked second.

The research shows that Switzerland has a 2% unemployment rate, and it is home to 7 of the 250 best universities in the entire world. It’s a great destination for families seeking to increase their wealth and provide a solid career for their children.

Singapore is also at the center of a growing region of economic growth, offering plenty of job opportunities in engineering and banking as well as visas that are simple to obtain.

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The study looked at 27 countries and examined their education, earning capacity, career advancement, livability (including livability), economic mobility, and job prospects to determine “opportunity ratings” for families that want to move to earn more.

A typical Indonesian family with a 25 per cent score in their own country can increase their likelihood of success for their next generation by 82% if they have access to residency rights in the US.

Similar, if an Indian family relocated to Switzerland with a 32 percent score they would have a 85 percent advantage.

To ensure that wealth is passed down through generations, it is crucial to choose the right country.


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